Kinabalu Park


Located approximately 90 Km from the capital of the Malaysian state of Sabah is a haven for botanist and nature lovers. Kinabalu Park covers an area of 754 and includes vegetation types ranging from the rich lowland dipterocarp zone through the montane oak , Rhododendron and Conifer Forest to the Alpine Meadow plants and stunted bushes of the summit zone - an area that probably has one of the most richest flora in the world. The Rafflesia , the largest flower in the world along with the Nephentes ( Pitcher Plants ) and more than 1,000 species of Orchids are found in the Kinabalu Park. A vast jagged granite massif rising 4101m above sea level is the highest mountain in South East Asia is the focal point of the Kinabalu Park. There are two ways of exploring this nature's trove the more energetic and adventurous can hike up the summit trail to the peak of Mount Kinabalu. The ascent and descent will take approximately 2 days for a normal person. Those with more leisurely visit in mind could stay a few days at the Park Chalets and explore sections of the Park using the graded trails around the Park Headquarters. As the park is approximately 5000 feet above sea level, it will be advisable to have warm clothings, raincoats & windbreakers.


Main activities is Mount Climbing, jungle tracking

Places of Interest

Education Center and the Botanical Gardern

Tours Provided

Tour code: BETT.L001
Duration: 4 Days 3 Nights
Description: Kinabalu park - Poring Hot Spring